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What's New

We are happy to announce the arrival  of our two new members of the farm.Say hello to Thelma and Louise, they are registered tamworths and we will be having litters from these two ladies sometime next year.

Organically Grown



Blackberry Hill Farm is a diversified family farm produces an assortment of  organically grown vegetables and herbs.Also organically raised chickens for meat and eggs, broad breasted white turkeys and we also raise heritage breed pigs that are raised on our woodlot and are fed a supplement of local NON GMO grain. Animal welfare is our top priority.Before starting the farm we were long time vegetarians,we were vegetarians because of the poor quality of life that the animals had in confined animal factory operations and the quality of grain they were fed. Happy animals = quality meats.Currently we are in the process of getting our farm certified organic from nofa ny.


Chickens and Turkeys

Our poultry are fed the highest quality organic feed and also our organic vegetable surplus


Heritage Breed Pigs

Our pigs are raised on woodlots and also fed LOCAL NON GMO grain creating the  best flavored pork possible

The Sanctuary

COMING SOON, The sanctuary At Blackberry Hill Farm. We have been doing dog rescue for years and now its time for other animals. We see a lot of owner surrenders of farm type pets. It is our goal to have a 501c3 in the near future to take in these type of animals, horses,goats etc.


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